Brethren Reaching Out
"Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the LORD, not men" - EPH 6:7
About Us

Since 1995, Sister Rose Davis has been active in this community, operating a Christian-based youth and family outreach organization, Brethren Reaching Out. Sister Rose has served as a full-time volunteer. She has been aided by her involvement in the Seminole County Juvenile Justice Council, Safe Kids of Seminole, Seminole County 4H, Seminole County Disability Advisory Board and the Seminole Child Abuse Task Force.

Sister Rose began with a simple idea: steer at-risk youth away from educational, family and social problems through intervention and advocacy. The target group is children and teens in the under-served inner city area of Sanford who have too much idle time, no direction and little motivation. Sister Rose has endeavored to keep these kids off the streets. She teaches that faith, moral values, good manners, self-respect, purpose and responsibility can help them lead productive lives and work toward their full potential.

Her approach begins with younger children who may witness friends, siblings and other relatives who are not in school, not working, and might be involved in street crime and violence. She aims to provide positive role models through mentoring programs; educational and academic tutoring from first grade through high school to keep the children in school and prepare them for careers to break the cycle of dependence upon government assistance.

Other life-changing opportunities provided by Brethren Reaching Out and the organization's partners include skill-building and social etiquette classes; field trips; arts & crafts workshops; family life issues such as hygiene and health classes; food shopping and cooking instruction; and Bible study, family counseling, and prayer support. These programs would not have been possible without the assistance of partners from both public and private organizations, dozens of churches in the local faith community, and hundreds of caring, compassionate individuals.

A major focus of Brethren Reaching Out has been the reduction of youth crime and violence, including drug problems, in the projects of Sanford. Since 1995, Brethren Reaching Out has worked closely on positive crime strategies with law enforcement professionals and volunteers from the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Sanford Police Department, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, the Police Athletic League and the Grove Counseling Center, Seminole County and Orange County Governments.

Weekly programs and outreach services assist approximately 120 from Head Start to High School. Most of these children are between the ages of 6 and 15 years. Another 400 socially and economically disadvantaged children and their families are assisted regularly with food, clothing, household goods, diapers and baby formula, backpacks and school supplies, personal hygiene products, prepared meals, and the Christmas Angels gift program and dinner.

Two of the greatest partnerships that have joined together with BRO are Goodwill Self-Sufficiency Centers and the Center for Drug-Free Living. These agencies provide services throughout the central Florida area.

We can all be inspired, as we reach out to empower the lives of our children and families, to teach them to value the importance of giving back. By this we can all be inspired to reach our full potential in life and become productive individuals where we live and serve.

Brethren Reaching Out is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please make a tax-deductible donation to Brethren Reaching Out today.

Together we make a difference...